“The Mix” Presents: Hand Carved Concrete

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LoPresto's Hand Carved Outdoor Bar #3

Wait! Are those real stones?

     Hand carved concrete is a decorative concrete system that can be applied to nearly any vertical surface.  The system adds layers of artistry and individualism to standard concrete work.  Still in the early stages of its life cycle, hand carving concrete is a new wave of custom workmanship born from advances in modern concrete material, and artisanal ability to replicate and design nearly any pattern or texture with minimal losses to material strength.

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Can it be applied indoors as well?

Concrete is often thought of as a fair weather, outdoor product.  The hand carved system challenges that understanding; interior applications can be done year round.  This key reason is why it is steadily growing in popularity.  Hand carving concrete alleviates having to select from a limited number of off-the-shelf cultured stone patterns.  Customizable with regards to stone size, pattern, texture and color scheme, hand carved concrete is superior to stone-based alternatives because each project is one of a kind .  

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For a free estimate or for more information, please contact ACS at 585-478-1799, or send us an email: Info@ArchitecturalConcreteSolutions.com.  We look forward to the chance of working with you.

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